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Serial Number
Aiko Fernandez3 Corporal 3ED71AC4-398A-F092-8959-A6C91638D5FE
Ali Heath2 Sergeant CD309426-3697-E943-DFB2-282E9171A198
Aquila Lindsey Lieutenant BEB3B02F-F8E2-85F0-FC7D-E49782965278
Aquila Livingston Colonel CE1A0A44-A929-781F-E071-7AFF33CB5501
Ariel Hayden Colonel 94FE49DB-7BFE-7F76-BE4D-20C1EE8A799E
Aurelia Bridges General 22EEC4A7-BE3E-7154-D38D-FEE112E39E43
Avram Sutton General 93B26DD9-7C87-55D1-BD37-3CD87607AFDD
Baker Chambers Private B7DEB144-FD6B-5204-538F-6FE15DF986EA
Bill Dinginspectre Major 1234-5678-910
Caleb Meyers Sergeant 46AA7C0C-C422-5B85-444E-43CA8DF06B70
Camilla Dillon General C7CEC6D8-975F-21AB-DAC4-E17BA5090F1B
Carter Bonner Sergeant 1BDCDC54-A62E-4814-7D6C-498937B50CC0
Cathleen Morrow Major 723FD971-B7C2-712D-E8E0-85279CA64E83
Chantale Swanson Corporal 6FD5C295-EFCA-CFD6-35B8-E9ADD1F2EA4B
Charissa Franks Captain 9519DF0A-5EBF-870D-68F7-A29ED79CE516
Christian Chambers Corporal 4E35DBB6-4BF2-83FE-D3B5-4655FD59C527
Christopher Booker Lieutenant 2DF2FE04-9DFB-73C3-FAD2-9870C6BF5DC1
Christopher Weaver Lieutenant C1355DE4-15A4-5AC0-1CBC-8ED31A8E474A
Clementine Justice Sergeant 47FC0C71-7F0F-1BA4-1F28-F3811F7B46D8
David Beck General 15C10C51-2DC6-35FA-4DCE-ACCB2DDCD94E
Deborah Marsh Lieutenant 8642391E-D75F-EAF6-764C-B8C5966C8EE9
Devin Cameron General 79113E60-939A-EFF1-9508-11EDFB5697FD
Edward Kerr Corporal F01DDEF1-6018-0D1E-36BD-BFB7C57C74EB
Elliott Neal General B6E90B22-0F85-C9DA-E1D4-BEA82264CF76
Erica Leonard Major D93AE8DA-F72B-27C6-1057-F24C056F9357
Erin Ferguson Colonel 171FF59C-CEF5-4597-55CE-43CD672105F6
Ferdinand Clemons Major 2180C348-2D40-63F4-6078-96E2829D903C
Ferris Gross Corporal 87553F8D-3A55-3E63-AE27-A8DC5DB6BC57
Freya Rodriquez Corporal 4C0CDEC1-1219-DF5E-FA61-416A3A02D7C6
Fuller Carney General E711E8B0-05A9-78A2-6DD8-B44B1C6C89EE
Gannon Walsh Corporal 404368E8-305F-75D8-7A46-81F03D26E29B
Garrison Gutierrez Lieutenant 50DEA4E0-C67D-799B-03B7-57E719191B33
Garrison Rojas Major 1E3AA802-CADD-B75E-F45E-60A03830FF14
Gary Gaines Colonel 7FF0FC6A-E4CD-B3E5-70AD-7B95A8122026
Georgia Oliver Colonel 531C512F-875C-7C8F-D2AD-0029936D48B0
Germane Moreno Major 2AEEFCEB-FFA4-BEC1-010C-7FF058716F5B
Gillian Tran Sergeant A6C5B64B-2547-74CB-5ABB-B9D8B093ACB1
Glenna Chase Captain 116D380A-1F45-E618-941B-C3C13A2F2EA4
Gray Ayala Colonel E063FBCC-42D6-434E-23CB-296244381E00
Griffith Hubbard Colonel D1A36F88-3D36-2DAF-1F81-0FABA5C18DA6
Guy Harrington Captain 52EB16D5-AC88-4AE5-FB8D-806229443537
Harper Owens Sergeant AC52DBDC-96DF-9F5B-7E9F-A25841A8832D
Harper Velazquez Corporal 3F9D1AF8-B6BF-2F06-6BB2-E83CD41B8793
Hayley Dyer Sergeant 2A72CE0A-296B-94A5-2BF5-315F2B0E112E
Hollee Bryant General 1BA8E58C-E98F-4574-A266-68AE9A7C8243
Hop Lawrence Corporal 25663501-5C4A-4455-2C58-75E4C48C5816
Joel Snyder Corporal 0218EA91-1E4C-5021-76A5-9954582E655A
Jordan Perez Sergeant C6E39C38-45D0-AC49-BD41-7A1830A0A02E
Juanito Mora Corporal adasd
Kaitlin Vincent Corporal 588518E3-2A3D-ED6B-C761-1755B3BF95C0
Kameko Cook Corporal 61EF18E8-FE8E-557C-E5F6-6BC3C69A71DC
Kevin Hester General F6E34376-13D6-D1D2-B5BA-B2704768DAA0
Lacey Preston Major F79E42E0-33BB-A6A0-71B6-7F4DBAC636BA
Lani Holloway Corporal D971FBD1-060D-E907-903D-2ACF2126DE83
Lani Pate Colonel A546E461-13B5-0DC2-9AA4-5F6ABECD2E18
Larissa Mcgowan Lieutenant BD17DF3D-9B98-289B-DD01-0411F2F1EF34
Leandra Vega Private A2297613-80AA-0C30-5AE0-5007AE56122E
Lysandra Leonard Lieutenant E7C74DCD-E8BB-19EA-1F72-998664410EEC
MacKensie Raymond General B7EF060C-8E89-79D7-0628-1B272F72AC3D
Maia Mullen Major 12E93BDB-ABF3-4D37-6AB4-9D777263A589
Malcolm Joyce General 9B51F9F3-F355-21E0-79AC-A22FCD20B08E
Mara Banks Corporal B00DCC6D-CA4F-66E5-3AF1-052D98249ED3
Martena Leon General 5F87B966-80A5-67E5-C985-A206F92E030A
Martina Nielsen General 950A6B9B-3D6F-23BF-8B03-83EC6F3498FF
Medge Durham Major 9DD9641E-6943-AF97-A0B5-5468A5A4AD24
Mohammad Oneil Sergeant 7810E9B6-0E46-7B46-F603-7D71CA2F31A4
Nero Martin Private 33518070-2136-43BF-6141-99A2B6C1D0C9
Odysseus Small Colonel DC334BA2-9972-5533-8946-583EF94BB485
Orson Hughes Captain 44571025-52BC-8BAC-511D-4AD5548EFFFA
Owen Sweeney Sergeant 0F045CA3-B553-75C2-B87C-496B36216625
Patrick England Sergeant AEDACBEB-C5A9-E428-61AD-3F4B64CD4750
Roary Burns Private 21A4986D-A9EA-31E0-7AB9-44AFF9F439BC
Rogan Walter Colonel C22C1066-8963-9284-2722-94AA6A97DF5C
Ross Mosley Lieutenant 92AED530-BBB1-30D3-B102-3DDC5D9D0D33
Sharon Scott Colonel BC44F035-2D5D-9800-19CA-4FCDFE6C3051
Shay Valenzuela Corporal A2766E9A-6DE2-971E-DEBD-19BCFF0DFD6E
Shelley Burks Captain 0AD54065-7995-78E0-E9E9-25B8697CFAAC
Shoshana Mcfadden Corporal B0117A56-3361-616C-4E97-FF4883BC724A
Stacey Rich Colonel B01F4BF3-25CC-47AB-DEB5-FE4DD52266D8
Sydnee Kline General C2258DAE-EF42-1712-AA38-57A9DD87C802
Tad Cunningham General B4A488E9-06D3-679E-B730-18FF1484B559
Tad Goff Major C9C65AC8-98E8-D90F-1BB8-96834474BFB2
Tad Wagner Colonel 26A84828-92F5-4995-2ACD-687403364838
Talon Allen Sergeant FF03A6EC-69FB-F3E9-3698-BB3F7728D715
Tamekah Fuller Sergeant 99770731-0379-DF5D-FC8C-08E93EA2D91B
Tarik Mcgee Corporal 10342AF0-3A8D-C2F3-9073-4FB431EAC36E
Thane Warren Captain 15B5E9C1-F59B-6E2E-808F-E54CAB2B1FE5
Ulla Myers General FAE77E49-1F05-1E9A-6AF3-DF6CA262C45F
Upton Ayala Sergeant EFF3174D-24DB-7B7F-D6A3-FD069DAC456D
Upton Wyatt Major 5D28B4B2-4F89-5410-6518-A1A452036526
Uriel Dorsey Major E039232B-666F-92E4-A960-8F187BE0018D
Wanda Nichols Major 493A0D1B-166B-E20A-BC8E-FD5F35E7053F
Warren Hickman Sergeant FE130A23-B20C-FC06-57AC-8F73BDDBD2DB
Wesley Berry Corporal F876477A-EE97-65E9-CF10-12ADE8787C8B
Whoopi Baird Private B9537C56-D504-F24F-111E-891664B57C7B
Winter Hampton General 7C18327C-9354-405F-A047-28BCF616D965
Wynne Guthrie General 13D6EE40-B22E-A719-2A00-CC6C362D93FA
Wyoming Powers Private 67F1C943-79D1-B920-EC8D-D2A374AE78D0
Xenos Franks Lieutenant DAAE92EA-CDF5-8632-7011-69FA81035E9A
Yen Olson Captain 57E4C810-EA09-CE88-C085-A79E9F31F577
Yoko Ewing Lieutenant A43E17CA-A8E3-1CD2-5A30-E54137BAD948
Zachary William Colonel D22F4409-B98E-E91B-9C2A-C77A0D4BFEF0
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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quick Base often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quick Base finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quick Base needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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