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Date Time UFO Sighting
09-29-2016 11:30 PM Sanborn NY Oval 10 minutes 3 orbs dancing/chasing each other in circles in Sanborn, NY. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 10:00 PM Logan KS Light 45 seconds As we were walking from our RV to the house I noticed a bright light. I thought it was a shooting star at first, as it was a perfect fa 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 09:00 PM Kennewick WA   1 second Southern sky lit up in bright flash. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 08:00 PM Fresno CA Light ~5 minutes Bright neutral white light seen travelling several miles across Fresno until fading out. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 11:45 AM Idyllwild CA Circle 3-5 seconds Black dot moving fast on a sunny day that disappeared behind clouds on 9/29/16 at 11:45 am. Duration was 3-5 seconds. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 02:30 AM Tampa FL Flash 45 seconds Was looking towards the Orion belt night sky and saw flashing lights . I thought no big deal an airplane but no the flashing light did 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-29-2016 12:00 AM Lake Charles LA Oval 3 hours We saw flashing objects in the sky having an oval shape and also one with other flashing lights forming a triangle. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 10:00 PM Boulder CO Triangle 15 seconds Triangular moved N to S a slow slow steady speed very dim lights that could be mistaken for stars at a distance ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 09:02 PM Delano CA Other 30 seconds The object was flying S to N in a linear direction. No beacon lights and it disappeared in the atmosphere. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 09:00 PM Rexburg ID Triangle 2 seconds Triangle-shaped object with lights emitting in each corner of the object flies overhead. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 09:00 PM Black Mountain NC Unknown 15 minutes Bright flashing, shimmering, unmoving and color changing light seen for 15 minutes. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 08:44 PM Louisville KY Sphere 15-20 seconds Approximately 20:44 on Wednesday 9/28/2016 one object observed moving from Approximately 224° SW toward 44° NE moving too slow to be a 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 08:16 PM Aurora CO Light 2 minutes While in our backyard relaxing on the patio my girlfriend and I saw a round bright light heading from west to east at a moderate elevat 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 08:16 PM Aurora CO Circle 2 minutes We saw a bright light traveling E to west, at a moderate speed and elevation that lasted up to 2 min 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 07:50 PM Beaverton OR Disk 2 minutes The object was flying South, about as high as an airplane but looked different enough from a plane that it caught our eye and we contin 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 01:59 PM Dell Rapids SD Flash Few seconds I saw a blue and white flash of light that quickly fell to the earth while I was driving home from school. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 05:45 AM Shrewsbury (UK/England)   Triangle 1 minute Two large triangle shaped craft shooting lasers to the ground above town. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-28-2016 03:00 AM Grand Rapids MI Sphere 15 seconds Metallic sphere sitting motionless with sudden disappearance. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 10:30 PM Redmond OR Unknown Seconds Dimly lit, gray, fast moving object. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 10:20 PM Lisbon (Portugal)   Light 5 minutes 4 lights in a triangular form and one in front, at different speeds with blinking lights. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 10:00 PM Penfield NY Rectangle >1 minute I was heading south on Baird Road. I was right in front of the library on that road, I looked up saw a bright white rectangle hoverin 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 10:00 PM Warner Robins GA Light 45 minutes Orange reddish object and white lights observed for 45 minutes. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:30 PM Keizer OR Formation 20 minutes Formation of 3 reddish/orange colored lights flew over my house in a triangular formation. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:30 PM Spokane WA Unknown ~30 minutes Two members of her family had seen two strange lights over Fairchild Airforce Base. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:21 PM Hoquiam WA Circle 10 A very bright light in the sky which I first assumed to be a star. Stayed stationary for along time, then moved rapidly to the west. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:00 PM St. Louis MO Flash 10 seconds Flashes of Light 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:00 PM El Monte CA Circle Seconds Two glowing objects come out of the clouds in the night sky of El Monte, CA. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 09:00 PM Claremont CA Flash 5 seconds Bright light expanded and then contracted to a pinprick of light before disappearing 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 08:50 PM Missoula MT Fireball 5 minutes Seen by 2 people in Missoula, Montana, at approximately 23:50 there where 3 fireball looking crafts hovering with no sound. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 08:30 PM New Britian CT Circle Unknown Above a house, stood stationary rapidly traveled westward. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 08:15 PM West pittston PA Circle 40 seconds At 8:15 p.m. I saw a circular object with 5 bright white lights coming Southeast going Northwest it made no sound and was flying very l 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 07:50 PM Beaverton OR Disk 2 minutes We were headed east on Sexton Mountain Drive and I see this unusual light/object flying in the sky. I tell my husband to pull over, gra 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 06:30 PM Somerville (toward; on Route 287) NJ Formation 20 minutes In Nj on 287 north between exits 8 and 13. We saw 4 round shape object In a diagonal formation. We witnessed it for about 20 minutes d 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 03:10 PM Amarillo TX Teardrop   Round, Shiny, almost transparent, still object in the sky, facing West 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 01:10 PM Monterey CA Disk ~5 seconds While driving, I noticed a large disc shaped metallic object in the sky above Monterey Bay. The metal was shiny and reflective. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 10:30 AM Bernville PA Triangle 1 hour Triangle shaped aircrafts with no sound bright lights. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 06:50 AM Navarre OH Light 1-2 minutes 4 lights in elongated diamond shape. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 05:30 AM Newport AR Light 5 seconds moving light in the sky 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 04:45 AM Moss Point MS Light 30 seconds Huge solided red light in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 03:00 AM Palm Beach Gardens FL Light 2-3 minutes I woke up to smoke a cigarette outside double tree hotel balcony that faces pga blvd when I saw a light flickering underneath a lamp po 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 01:45 AM Lathrop MO Unknown 5 seconds Bright light was stationary in the sky and then took off at an incredible speed before it disappeared completely. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 01:42 AM Roseville CA Changing 12 minutes 3-15 lights with iridescent (rainbow-colored) tails coiling and whipping from glowing center into 'symbol' like shapes. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-27-2016 01:00 AM Cowiche WA Fireball 30 seconds At 1:15 am my husband and I were sitting on our porch and saw a fire ball appear from the south very low lower than most air planes it 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 12:00 AM   FL Light 3 minutes I was stopped at a red light and noticed bright lights in the sky. I took more notice when the objects in sky began to multiply and glo 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 11:59 PM Orange Park FL Triangle 2 minutes 11-12 orange colored triangular objects sighted for about 2 minutes around midnight in Orange Park, Fl. On Sept. 26, 2016 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 11:40 PM Buffalo NY     Cargo fleet through Buffalo, NY, 14204 near Canadian border. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 11:26 PM Providence RI Unknown 3 seconds Extremely fast (hypersonic+) aircraft (UFO) captured on Live TV over Providence, RI....Please Help me ID this thing. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 09:50 PM Dallas TX Light 5 seconds During the dallas cowboy football game on tv a camera pointed at the dallas skyline picked up an object of light moving from rt to left 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 09:20 PM Savannah GA Fireball 5 seconds Red spherical light near Bull River. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 08:00 PM Napoleonville LA Triangle 15 minutes Large triangular object with blue/white, green and orange lights 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 07:35 PM Goleta CA Other 1 minute Jet with landing lights traveling sideways. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 05:40 PM Walkertown NC Rectangle 2 minutes Sitting at a traffic light on the way home from work. Sky was dark due to pending storm. There is an area of light break in the sky a 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 04:00 PM Apple Valley UT Changing 4 hours Glowing orb hovers in southern Utah for over four hours. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 03:30 PM Oakdale CA Other 3 minutes Small slow moving object that glowed bright white 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 02:00 PM Rothschild WI Triangle 4 Triangle shaped 3 bright lights moving slowly 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 12:30 PM Antioch CA Teardrop 10 minutes FLOATING WHITE OBJECTS ABOVE MT.DIABLO FOOTHILLS IN CA 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 11:35 AM Sacramento CA Oval 15 minutes Star-like object trailing plane, followed by silver-whitish gray pill object 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 07:30 AM Hollywood FL Circle 30 seconds Bright white circle, high speed travel and large rapid U-turns. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 05:20 AM Coachella CA Circle ~1 minute I was standing in a maintenance yard using nvg goggles looking up to the sky noticed 8 objects overhead. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 05:00 AM Long Beach CA Light ~1.5 hours Impossably fast moving light following plane and evading persuit. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 04:08 AM Aurora CO Cigar 10 seconds Similar to shooting star, bright green and left trails like smoke clouds. No noise cloud level so kinda close. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-26-2016 03:00 AM Port Orchard WA Triangle 6 seconds Just arrived for a delivery to a store and waiting for the door to open looking up and saw a triangle shape with 3 red lights then abou 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 12:00 AM Bellingham WA Circle 1 second Bright silent orb movng a extreme speed over Bellingham. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 11:46 PM El Mirage AZ Circle 10 minutes Around 11:46 PM when I was staring up in the sky and noticed 2 circle li ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 11:00 PM Naugatuck CT Light 02:00:00 AM I was sitting on the deck with family and unidentified avian crafts became visible. Hovering over cities. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 10:15 PM San Jose CA Rectangle 3 minutes I was on my balcony around 22:15 this evening when looked up at the sky and saw this rectangular shaped object with bright red lights a 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 09:30 PM Sacramento CA Light 10 minutes I was sitting out side and looked to the west and saw a massive light in the sky it was red,blue and white it stayed in one place for 2 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 09:30 PM Reston VA Circle 2 seconds Reston, VA, at ~21:30z: Extremely fast multi-colored object moving at the trajectory of a passenger plane for 2 sec and disappearing. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 08:30 PM Wetumpka AL Light 1.5 hours Flickering light high in the sky with smooth drone-like movements. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 08:19 PM Northglenn CO Triangle 7-8 seconds Triangle shaped object with white lights on the three tips seen moving south to north 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 08:15 PM Eugene OR Triangle ~15 seconds Saw triangle shaped craft with some kind of cloaking. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 07:47 PM Roseville CA Formation 30 minutes It seemed to be at least 50 objects that were vertical and then the went horizontal with one object brighter than all the others. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 07:30 PM Rocklin CA     Strange lights formation in a streak in the sky above Rocklin Ca. To many to be drones. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 05:15 PM Cranford NJ Sphere 15 minutes Orange orb with white satellites appear and disappear in a clear daytime sky. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 03:49 PM Wilmington DE Circle 30 Four objects noticed way up in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 02:00 PM East Brunswick NJ Oval 10 seconds Shiny Oval Shape UFO sighting in East Brunswick, NJ on Sept 25, 2016. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 12:30 PM Pittsburgh PA Chevron 30 seconds Saw a triangle/chevron shape black and red craft flying over the clouds at a high rate of speed to the south 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 12:00 PM Brandywine MD Triangle 10 minutes Strange rotating debris and triangular vessell above Brandywine 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 01:00 AM Kansas City MO Unknown 2 hours Strange sounds were heard from outside. A sound ringing pitch,and a crunching aluminum sound. Then a humming rang inside my head and I 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-25-2016 12:09 AM Dayton TX Triangle 4 seconds ((HOAX??)) Boomerang style craft. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 11:50 PM Montville OH Flash Brief Bright, white, even flash illuminated entire night sky for an instant. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 11:30 PM Stering Heights MI Formation 20 seconds Tight knit formation of 5 yellow lights that disappeared. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 11:20 PM White Plains NY Circle 3 minutes As i was driving I saw two circular orange flying lights.They were side by side with a distance between them.I didn't hear any sound. I 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 11:00 PM Fenton MI Triangle 5 seconds Two triangle shapes making no sound flew overhead with just the light from the moon reflecting off them. They traveled at a rate of spe 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 10:45 PM Cincinnati OH Oval 5 minutes I witnessed a small orange light coming towards my location at the UDF on River Road and Anderson Ferry. It was coming north from Kentu 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 10:15 PM Long Beach CA Formation   Three very bright lights in triangle formation moving slowly across sky, slightly rotating in formation 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 10:00 PM Rutland MA Circle 1 minute 4 yellow lights in the sky. Perfectly spaced apart flying horizontal. No sound. Then 2 more followed but one at a time. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 10:00 PM Akron OH Formation 5 minutes I saw 4 amber glowing disk shaped objects very low to the ground over Merriman Valley. I was driving so it was difficult to watch. Very 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 09:30 PM Hamilton NJ Formation 5 minutes Three bright red lights in SE 9.24.2016. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 09:30 PM Niagara Falls NY Fireball 1 minute Green light followed by what appeared to be hovering object with blinking lights above Niagara Falls, NY. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 09:28 PM Denver CO Triangle 15 seconds At 928 pm friend and I talking about me seeing a red triangle shaped ufo just a week ago then see 6-8red orbs little bigger than Mars w 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 09:00 PM Lancaster PA Circle 11 minutes My uncle went outside to smoke a cigarette and he happened to spot the formation of the orange lights. They flickered as they gliding t 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 09:00 PM Macungie PA Light 5 minutes Macungie, PA-8 staggered red lights in sky traveling slowly W to S over South Mountain at 9 PM 9/24/16. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 08:45 PM Tigard OR Light 10 seconds Two very bright, star-like objects side by side at an angle. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 08:45 PM New Holland OH Unknown 4 minutes Large rectangular formation of lights visible over farm house that disappeared and then reappeared, moving slowly and silently. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 08:15 PM Buffalo NY Light 3 minutes My wife and I saw a reddish-yellow, pulsing light in the night sky. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 08:05 PM Fairmont WV Circle 3 minutes Bright diagonal lights, slowly dim away. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 07:39 PM Redding CA Rectangle Ongoing Box and kite like object in fixed position. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 07:30 PM Oakland CA Triangle don't know Flashing lights in triangle form above I-80 in Oakland. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 07:30 PM Philadelphia PA Light 30 minutes Outside about 7;30 pm on sat 9/24/16 cleaning and doing maintenance work at my auto repair shop in phila when I look up, its now dusk, 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 06:15 PM South Burlington VT Oval 15 minutes UFO Hovers and Departs over Burlington International Airport (BTV). 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 05:55 PM Toronto (Canada) ON Oval 9 minutes Blurry, white oval craft and trailing red lights over Rogers (SkyDome) Centre, Toronto 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 08:00 AM fountain Valley CA Triangle 10 minutes Two objects in the sky over the fountain valley high school. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 07:30 AM Silverlake CA Cigar 5 minutes Hovering rod and 3 moving orbs over Silverlake, Los Angeles 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 07:30 AM Lacey WA Unknown 4 minutes My wife and I saw something very strange in the sky...a craft that had 2 rows of parallel lights. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 04:00 AM Alice TX Light   A bright light in the sky! 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 03:13 AM Downy CA Egg 10 seconds White egg shape object high speed at (jet speed or faster) high altitude with no sound or lights ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 03:00 AM Syracuse to Phoenix NY Light 1 hour Driving on 690, two flashing red/white/blue lights north towards fulton and south towards syracuse then vanished. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 01:00 AM Melbourne Beach FL Other 6-7 minutes Early morning, bright red, morphing object hovers above the ocean, growing in strength and disappears 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-24-2016 12:00 AM Cleveland OH Fireball 9 minutes Orange flying ball with shapes of light spinning around it. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 10:00 PM Sarasota FL Changing 10 minutes At first we saw a line of flashing lights in the sky, then they just started to move faster and changed into different shapes. It was h 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 10:00 PM Indianapolis IN Light 1 minutes Silent orange orbs fly very low and disappear. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 10:00 PM Lilburn GA Fireball 5 minutes Similar to 3/14/15 at 20:00 in Lilburn, GA, I also saw about 15 very bright orange lights shaped like fireballs. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 09:40 PM Springfield VA Circle 1 minute Big orange circle vanishes. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 08:19 PM Lansing MI Light >6-10 minutes Went out from indoor soccer arena. All my teammates were already gone. I headed out to the parking lot and saw exactly 30 bright yellow 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 07:30 PM Longmont CO Light 5 minutes I was at work when I stepped outside to do a security check of the building I'm responsible for. A light was seen to the South and was 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 07:10 PM Ocoee   Unknown 1 minute Two lights descending slowly, blinking on and off. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 05:30 PM Las Vegas NV Oval 5 hours Strange Lights over Frenchman Mountain Range in Las Vegas. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-23-2016 08:32 AM Virginia Beach VA Cigar Seconds VA Beach shore drive. Cigar shape 8' off ground yellow lights. ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 10:00 PM Santa Monica CA Formation 20 minutes Multi-colored flying objects that were not noisy. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 09:30 PM Glenside PA Triangle 2 minutes I just know something hovered by tonight over the top of our car that I cannot fully explain and unidentified. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 09:30 PM Austell GA Light 20 seconds One bright green light (similar to traffic light green) moving straight downwards at a fast, but controlled rate of speed. No contrails 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 09:10 PM Morristown TN Other 10 Hovering ball of light shaped like a trapezoid. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 08:45 PM Portland OR Sphere 15-18 minutes Slow moving orb over Portland oregon 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 08:30 PM Temecula CA Triangle 30 seconds Triangle shaped UFO in the sky moving around! ((anonymous report)) 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 07:40 PM Boston MA Light 15 minutes Multiple Amber-Red lights over South Boston heading North over Boston-Logan International Airport. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 07:00 PM Woonsocket RI Circle 30 seconds Red flashing object. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 12:15 PM Cincinnati OH Fireball 7 seconds Large round light falls from sky then is later seen standing still. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 08:45 AM Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Formation 5 minutes Lights over Niagara River. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 05:50 AM Athens GA Light <1 minute Fast moving green light. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 04:47 AM Livingston NJ Unknown 8 seconds Star gazing while waiting on my dog. Size of a star, moving slower than a plane, no noise, could see blatant small reflection from the 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 04:15 AM Petersburg VA Unknown Hour There has been an object hovering outside of our home for almost an hour now. It moves zigzag and in a circle while changing pattern an 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-22-2016 02:02 AM Columbia SC Unknown 20 seconds Unusual Aircraft flies low over Columbia SC 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 11:37 PM Oak Ridge TN Circle 2 hours Strange lights in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius. PD)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 10:14 PM Mebane NC Unknown 4 minutes Low, loud rumble. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 10:00 PM Quincy MA Oval 5 seconds Green oval shape shoot across the sky and then disappeared. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 09:50 PM Wilmington MA Circle 5 seconds glowing green orb of light that shot across the sky and dissapeared 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 09:45 PM Lowell MA Fireball 1 second I saw large green shooting star/fireball. It had a long green tail. It was going really fast, from east to west, from high to low. I 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 09:42 PM Nashua NH Fireball 15 seconds Emerald green fireball shooting across sky 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 09:30 PM North Brookfield MA Oval 1 minute Green oval flying through the sky 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:30 PM Ellesmere (UK/England)   Light 10 minutes 3 bright lights fading in and out and moving quickly. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:30 PM Cicero NY Light 15 minutes SIGHTING #3: Bright white pulse of light, quickly diminishing to star intensity, moving. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:15 PM Cicero NY Cross 2-3 minutes SIGHTING #2: Bluish cross-shaped UFO followed by large conventional aircraft. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:07 PM Cicero NY Formation 2 minutes SIGHTING #1: Three reddish lights in formation, two bobbing around in front of the the third. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:05 PM North Bend WA Flash Intermittent I was traveling home, east bound i90 to north bend, WA. I began to see extremely bright flashes lighting up the sky every 3-5 minutes o 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 07:50 PM Austin TX   3 seconds Security camera facing south recorded a brief very bright pinkish flash in the entire sky. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 06:00 PM Beaverton OR Circle 5 seconds Bright blue ball of light! ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 05:00 PM Pellville KY Diamond 10 hours 2 diamond shaped orange green an yellow lights one SW from my location the other in W. ((NUFORC Note: Stars? PD)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 08:20 AM Buford GA Light 5 minutes Large bright light near Arcturus in the sky visibly as bright as sun. Followed by a massive ball of light. ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 05:16 AM Newport Beach CA Fireball 5 minutes Three fireball objects seen by witnesses fading in and out of view over the ocean. Location was off the coast from Newport Beach, CA. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 05:16 AM Newport Beach CA Fireball 5 minutes Three fireball objects seen by witnesses fading in and out of view over the ocean. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-21-2016 02:35 AM Tea SD Fireball 4 seconds Fireball observed north of Tea, SD. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 10:13 PM Springtown TX Oval 3 minutes Strange craft and flight pattern seen in Springtown Texas night sky. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 10:00 PM Oak Lawn IL Light 2 minutes UFO Flying thr whole street of Cicero above traffic as high as planes fly. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 09:04 PM Louisville KY Sphere 15 seconds Approximately 21:04 on Tuesday 9/20/2016 two objects were observed approximately 224° southwest at approximately +38° the 2 silver whit 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 09:00 PM Salt Lake City UT Triangle 10-15 minutes Kite formation, including tail, traveled S to N along Wasatch over Red Butte 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 09:00 PM New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 5 minutes Red strange bright light in the sky traveling slow and stopping ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 09:00 PM Claremont CA Unknown 30 minutes White, red, and emerald green blinking lights. A motor can be heard and it hovered for over 30 minutes then headed south, east towards 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 08:45 PM Salt Lake City UT Formation 10 minutes Constant speed lights moving NW on 9/20/16 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 08:35 PM Freeland PA Light ~1 hour Another Freeland Light Sighting. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the objects may have been stars. PD)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 08:15 PM Harrisburg PA Other 3 minutes Bright stadium like lights across a very large long object moving across sky then vanished. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 08:00 PM Assumption MI Light 15-20 minutes Two objects standing still then circling, one disappeared then the forest lit up far in the distance no blinking ligh resembled firebal 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 07:45 PM Charleroi PA Cylinder 2-3 minutes? 4 bright goldish lights stationary-moving randomly then disappearing 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 07:09 PM Burnaby (Canada) BC Circle <10 seconds I was shooting the cloud of sunset by using my iPhone and iPad , finally I found it in my images. And it is pretty clear, bright,, yell 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 06:00 PM St. Augustine FL Chevron 6 seconds Black Craft Followed by Two Jets 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 04:34 PM Oakville (Canada) ON Sphere 1-2 minutes Daytime UFO sighting near Oakville, ON, Canada. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 01:00 PM Conway AR Sphere 2 hours White, unmoving object high in sky. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 10:50 AM Laurel MD Chevron 6 seconds I was laying in bed. I saw some weird craft hovering very low above ground. It was chevron/ square shaped. Had 4 lights. Moved very fas 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 10:00 AM Thomson GA Disk 45 minutes There is a round object. Green and red in color or more colors in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 06:10 AM Columbus OH Chevron 5 minutes I live in the northeast part of Columbus. I saw a bright light in the distance and it slowly came closer, I think it was moving about 2 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 05:15 AM Bradenton FL Other 10 minutes One multicolored floating sparkplug gave birth to 6 soft white, un flapping birds in a half moon line sped across the early morning sky 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 05:00 AM Phoenix to Syracuse NY Light >1 hour Twinkling light with "shooting star" through its center. (could be natural/explained) ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-20-2016 01:00 AM Gila NM Oval 4 seconds I watched a well defined oval craft, non-reflective gray metallic surface, no fixed or blinking lights just blue halo fly low over Gila 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 10:00 PM Baraboo WI Flash 4 seconds Green light suddenly appeared low on the horizon. Moved like a shooting star. Because of the green color, I initially thought it was an 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 10:00 PM Aumsville OR Cross 7 minutes Light Object. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 10:00 PM Oswego IL Light 10 seconds Very large ball/triangle of light that was blue/green appeared in night sky and flew for a quick 3-6 seconds. ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 10:00 PM Saucier MS Light 3-4 hours Several white lights along with one orange light 5 nights in a row. Made impossible movements with quick moving and sudden stops. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 09:30 PM Loveland CO Chevron 20 seconds Boomerang formation giving off a trail of light like a comet. Two aircraft were in the air at the same time. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 09:15 PM Charlotte NC Unknown 5 seconds Blue light object traveling like a flash light disappeared in to clouds. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 09:00 PM Crandon WI Other 10 minutes Fast, erratic blinking lights, stalled in the sky then continued and returned to same spot. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 08:47 PM Jasper (looking west) GA Circle Still happening Redish orange in illumination, appeared to hover, no sound, appears to move slightly, warmer than usual breez 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 08:05 PM Pittsfield MA Fireball 7 minutes Out for a walk to the store, walking toward the northwest on the south side of town, I first noticed it over the treeline as very red. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 08:00 PM Madurai (India) IN Fireball 5 seconds Mysterious object that moves in zigzag pattern from east to west direction with bright green coloured tail and red coloured tip. 09-30-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 06:22 PM Cloverdale NM Disk Google earth Two saucer shaped clear images at 31 26 14N 108 58 32 W 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 05:50 PM Powell TN Triangle 1 minute Very large ,silent,triangle shaped craft with 1 large bright red light on right wing and smaller pinkish white light on left wing.white 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 08:30 AM Perris CA Disk 5 minutes Bright Red UFO Spotted Over Perris, CA 9/19/16 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-19-2016 03:32 AM San Diego CA Triangle 5 minutes San Diego, CA 9/19/16 3:32 am I heard noise like a thunder clap and what sounded to be a low flying roar from an aircraft. I walked ou 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 11:20 PM Worcester (UK/England)   Light 2 hours White lights darting above the clouds. ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 11:00 PM Las Vegas NV Oval 1 minute Object moved south west from miserable Airport passing over mountain near German high school passing three aircraft moving East to west 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 10:00 PM Danforth IL Unknown 7 minutes Craft with multiple bright lights on the bottom hovered and flew in a curvilinear path over the cornfields. After several minutes movi 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 10:00 PM Kathmandu (Nepal)   Flash 1 hour Blinking object seen in the northern sky of Kathmandu!! It's blinking with multiple colors. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 09:00 PM Cherry Creek   Triangle 10 seconds Saw a three dots on triangle formation right above the University of Denver. One kid pointed out the object and within 2 seconds of the 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 09:00 PM Charleston MO   1 hour 3 yellow, orange stationary speres at about six thousand feet moving west over Charleston. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 09:00 PM Grand Rapids MI Light 35-45 seconds white light streaking across sky west to south/east, No sound, Fast, viewable for almost a minute 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 09:00 PM Ingersoll (Canada) ON Formation 1 minute Multiple Anomolies In An Ontario Town 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 08:52 PM Fort Wayne IN Other 5 minutes Dozens of lights move slowly in unison, then ascend 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 08:48 PM Morongo valley CA Unknown 2 seconds Probably meteor fire behind. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 08:45 PM Oroville CA Light 180 seconds Observed bright orange light moving unlike a jet or prop plane that seemed to stop in midair, and jerk or rock slightly. 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 08:10 PM Manitou Springs CO Oval 18 seconds Fireball over Colorado Springs, west to east, slows down, turns, and then moves north. ((anonymous report)) 09-22-2016 NUFORC
09-18-2016 07:21 PM Yukon OK Light 12:01:25 AM Bright, metallic sphere surveilling Oklahoma City 09-22-2016 NUFORC
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