[AUG-02-14 10:52 AM  Dan Diebolt] 10 'Taper the ends of the 3/8 inch by 7 inch dowels with sandpaper so they fit snugly into the two holes at the top of the upright 1/2 inch dowels, then spread the uprights to fit them in. 

[AUG-02-14 10:52 AM  Dan Diebolt] 9 Glue the dowels together where they meet at the top, then lash them with twine for support. 

[AUG-02-14 10:52 AM  Dan Diebolt] 8 Drive the 18 inch by 1/2 inch dowels into the holes on the 9 inch marks. 

[AUG-02-14 10:52 AM  Dan Diebolt] 7 Drill one hole with a 5/16 inch bit in each 18 inch by 1/2 inch dowel at 6 inches and 1 inch from one end.

[AUG-02-14 10:52 AM  Dan Diebolt] 6 Drill holes with the 15/32 inch bit at the one inch marks at a 50 degree angle to the board.

[AUG-02-14 10:50 AM  Dan Diebolt] 1 Buy the materials needed for the project.

[AUG-02-14 10:51 AM  Dan Diebolt] 2 Assemble your tools on a convenient workbench or other suitable location.

[AUG-02-14 10:51 AM  Dan Diebolt] 3 Cut out the following required pieces.

[AUG-02-14 10:51 AM  Dan Diebolt] 4 Lay out plywood for holes required for the frame, as shown in photo. 

[AUG-02-14 10:51 AM  Dan Diebolt] 5 Drill holes with a 15/32 inch bit to install uprights at the 9 inch mark.

[AUG-02-14 10:53 AM  Dan Diebolt] 11 Lash the 1/4 inch by 18 inch dowels to the upright 1/2 inch dowels with twine, then hot glue the twine to prevent it from slipping.

[AUG-02-14 10:53 AM  Dan Diebolt] 12 Assemble the two 3/8 inch by 18 inch dowels together, parallel, with space blocks between them cut from the same material.

[AUG-02-14 10:53 AM  Dan Diebolt] 13 Spread the uprights sufficiently to install the launch arm, then replace the cross arms, gluing them into position.

[AUG-02-14 10:53 AM  Dan Diebolt] 14 Carve a suitable "cup", or projectile holder from your scrap of 2X4 lumber, rough shaping it with a circular saw, then rotary rasps, and finally a sanding disk or sand paper.

[AUG-02-14 10:54 AM  Dan Diebolt] 15 Lash the projectile cup into the notch at the end of the launch arms using the twine.
Created on Aug.  2, 2014 at  8:50 AM (CST). Last updated by Diebolt, Dan on Aug.  2, 2014 at  9:33 AM (CST). Owned by Diebolt, Dan.
Dan Diebolt
Dan Diebolt
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