Double Rainbow Perry, Katy 2013  
End / (At) The End (Of A Rainbow) Grant, Earl 1958  
End Of The Rainbow Morrison, Van 2012 Written by Morrison, Van.
End Of The Rainbow Thompson, Richard & Linda (Fairport Convention) 1974 Written by Thompson, Richard.
Find Yourself A Rainbow Slade 1974 Written by Holder, Noddy & Lea, Jim.
Fly To The Rainbow Scorpions 1974 Written by Schenker, Michael & Roth, Ulrich.
Gone The Rainbow Peter, Paul & Mary 1962  
Here Comes That Rainbow Again Highwaymen (Cash, Johnny & Jennings, Waylon & Kristofferson, Kris & Nelson, Willie) 1995  
Looking For A Rainbow Rea, Chris 1989 Written by Rea, Chris.
Neon Rainbow Box Tops 1967  
Over The Rainbow Beck, Jeff 2010  
Over The Rainbow Demensions 1960 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow G, Kenny 1999 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow Gardot, Melody 2009 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow Thorpe, Billy & The Aztecs 1964 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow (From "Corrina, Corrina") Steele, Jevetta 1994 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow (From "The Wizard Of Oz") Garland, Judy 1939 Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow (Live) Garland, Judy 1961 Recorded 23 April 1961 at Carnegie Hall, New York. Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Over The Rainbow (Live) Ward, Shayne 2006 Recorded live on X Factor.
Over The Rainbow (Previously Unreleased Version) Sinatra, Frank 1993 Recorded 1 May 1945. Written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Overture: The Trolley Song / Over The Rainbow / The Man That Got Away (Live) Garland, Judy (Lindsey, Mort Orchestra) 1961 Recorded 23 April 1961 at Carnegie Hall, New York. "Over The Rainbow" written by Arlen, Harold & Harburg, EY.
Rainbow Caillat, Colbie 2009  
Rainbow De Paul, Lynsey 1975 Written by De Paul, Lynsey & Clarke, Alan.
Rainbow Hamilton, Russ 1957  
Rainbow Jessie J 2011  
Rainbow Marmalade 1970 Written by Campbell, William & McAleese, Thomas.
Rainbow Chaser Nirvana (Bell Label) 1968  
Rainbow Connection McLachlan, Sarah 2002 Written by Ascher, Kenny & Williams, Paul.
Rainbow Connection (From "The Muppet Movie") Kermit (Ernie) (Henson, Jim) 1979 Written by Ascher, Kenny & Williams, Paul.
Rainbow Demon Uriah Heep 1972 Written by Hensley, Ken.
Rainbow In The Rose Winger 1990 Written by Beach, Reb & Winger, Kip.
Rainbow Man Bates, Jeff 2003 Written by Bates, Jeff & Allen, Harley.
Rainbow Of Fire Collectors (Chilliwack) 1968 Written by Henderson, Bill & Lawrence, Claire & Vickers, Howie & Turney, Ross & Miller, Glenn & Ryga, George.
Rainbow On The River Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians 1937  
Rainbow Revelation Ono, Yoko 1985 Written by Ono, Yoko.
Rainbow Ride Kim, Andy 1968  
Rainbow Rider Frijid Pink 1972  
Rainbow Veins Owl City 2008  
Rainbow Wings Cherry, Eagle-Eye 1998  
Rainbows Wilson, Dennis (Beach Boys) 1977 Written by Wilson, Dennis & Wilson, Carl & Kalinich, Steve.
Rainbows & Pots Of Gold Stereophonics 2003  
Searchin' For A Rainbow Marshall Tucker Band 1975 Written by Caldwell, Toy.
She's A Rainbow Rolling Stones 1967 Written by Jagger, Mick & Richards, Keith.
Silver Rainbow Genesis 1983 Written by Banks, Tony & Collins, Phil & Rutherford, Mike.
Sing Me A Rainbow Dr Hook 1971 Written by Silverstein, Shel.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow McPhee, Katharine 2006  
Somewhere Under The Rainbow Tippin, Aaron 1998  
Swingin' On A Rainbow Avalon, Frankie 1960  
Antonio's Song (The Rainbow) Franks, Michael 2000 Written by Franks, Michael.
Catch the Rainbow Rainbow 1975 Written by Blackmore, Ritchie and James Dio, Ronnie.
I want to relax please Tei Towa 1994 awesome sauce
Chase The Rainbow Shepherd, Kenny Wayne 1997 7
Bang Beatrix Kiddo 1999 none
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