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[Content] is a standard QuickBase formula
(1) Users keep asking for counters on their reports. You know count 1, 2, 3 etc for each record in the report regardless of the existing [Record ID#]s.
    Here is a simple formula that will count starting at 1:

    "<img src onerror='++window.QBU_Count||(window.QBU_Count=1);this.outerHTML=QBU_Count'>"

(2) Users often want to calculate quantities for which there are no existing functions in the QuickBase formula language. For example there are no trigonometric functions available. 
    Here is a simple formula that will calculate and display the sine of the field [x]:

    "<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=Math.sin(" & ToText([x]) & ")'>"

(3) Users often want to perform counting, looping or some other iterative process in a QuickBase formulas. Well we all know you can't do that and the workaround has been to write siome long formula that performs the processing some maximum number of times. Why this question just came up the other day with someone wanting to count the number of words in a multi-line text field.
    Here is a simple formula that will count the number of words in the multiline text feild [Words]:

    "<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=`" & [Words] & "`.split(/\s+/).length'>"

(4) Calculate Prime Numbers Less then [Number]

"<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=( function(max) { var sieve = [], i, j, primes = []; for (i = 2; i &lt;= max; ++i) { if (!sieve[i]) { primes.push(i); for (j = i &lt;&lt; 1; j &lt;= max; j += i) { sieve[j] = true; } } } return primes.join(", &quot;); } )(" & [Number] & ")'>"
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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quick Base often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quick Base finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quick Base needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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